10 advantages of renting a flat with CoWorking

Becorp is a new way of living, innovative and also focused on entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, corporate workers that allow teleworking… We provide a pleasant and inspiring environment that generates connections, learning and growth.

Although teleworking has been a trend for some time, the complicated health situation we are experiencing has caused a great boom in this way of working. Some of the Becorp developments have services that include a CoWorking space with meeting rooms. Currently, you can rent a flat with CoWorking at Becorp · Sant Just or Becorp · Sant Just – Modolell.

1 Teleworking era

The majority of people in office jobs are now working from home. Many experts say that telecommuting is here to stay and change the way you work. Having a CoWorking in the same residential, allows you to enjoy a space to telework in total comfort.

2 Free up space at home

Dining tables that are filled with papers during the working day, improvised offices in the living room… Teleworking has forced many people to improvise offices in their homes. Enjoy a CoWorking without leaving the building and keep your home clean and tidy.

3 Save time traveling

Going to the workplace always involves a cost of time and, in most cases, also an economic cost that translates into fuel, public transport passes, parking tickets… Living in a rental apartment with CoWorking, you will get to your work without leaving home.

rental apartment with coworking

4 Save on renting a workspace

Are you freelance? If you are self-employed, you must have worked or checked the rental prices of a CoWorking. Having a workspace is necessary but, if you live in a rental apartment with CoWorking you will not need to add extra expenses.

5 Enjoy a space where you can concentrate

If you’ve worked at home, you know that there are many distractions. Children, pending household chores, TV tempting you to put on your favorite series… Becorp’s CoWorkings are quiet spaces, designed to increase your concentration and motivate you to make the day very productive.

6 Meeting rooms to offer a professional image

Do you have an important meeting or presentation? In Becorp CoWorking, in addition to your workspace, you have spacious meeting rooms with technological services that allow you to show off in all your meetings and presentations.

7 Establish a routine and schedules to enjoy your free time more

At home, the concentration is lower and the hours are extended until untimely hours. Go down to CoWorking, focus during work hours and take advantage of your free time to enjoy your family, sports, nature or the culture that surrounds your rental apartment.

8 All the comforts of being in an office

Enjoy an open-plan workspace, with a high-speed connection, accessible power outlets and all the facilities of an office.

rental apartment with coworking

9 Create professional contacts and collaborations

CoWorking is also an ideal space to learn about the projects and professions of other members of the community, create synergies and collaborate. Win win!

10 Make your ideas come true and work as a family

What is the project of your dreams? Surely you have some innovative and surprising idea that you have not had time to carry out yet. In CoWorking you will also promote your personal projects. In addition, your children can prepare for the selectivity or finish their final degree project in an ideal environment for study.