10 Barcelona beaches

You arrive at your rental home after work, take the bike from the Bike Room to cycle to the beach and enjoy a revitalizing dip. When you return home, you feel that you are on vacation. Sounds good? You can make it happen in one of the BeCorp rental apartments in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a lively city, full of plans, culture, gastronomy, sports … and also beaches! Do you know the 10 beaches of the city? We present them to you so that you choose the most appropriate one on each occasion.


Llevant Beach – Sant Martí

It is the closest to the rental apartments BeCorp · Barcelona – Rambla Guipúscoa. It is located next to the Nova Mar Bella and is the newest beach on the coast, incorporated in 2006. 375 meters of golden sand with volleyball fields near the breakwater. Take your bike out of the Bike Room from your new home and you will arrive in 12 minutes.

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Bath zone at El Fòrum – Sant Martí

You don’t like sand? You can bathe in the sea without worrying about it. The bathing area of the Forum is a paved space that allows you to access the sea by stairs. You can sunbathe, bathe and even have a water ski area. Do you want to try it?

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Nova Mar Bella Beach – Sant Martí

One of the favorite beaches of the residents of Sant Martí. From the breakwater of Bac de Roda to the breakwater of Selva de Mar, this quiet beach of 420 meters extends. It has volleyball courts where you can enjoy an afternoon of sport, sea and leisure.

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Mar Bella Beach – Sant Martí

This beach was created from the urban remodeling of 1992 by the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Most bathers are neighbors of Sant Martí. The beach is also known for having a naturist section.

It has many facilities such as children’s playground, volleyball, basketball, skateboard area and table tennis table at the top of the promenade. There is also a nautical base where activities related to the sea are carried out.

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Bogatell Beach – Sant Martí

You like sports? This 702 meter beach will become one of your favorite spaces. Enjoy two ping-pong tables, a soccer field in the middle of the beach, volleyball area, basketball baskets, gymnasium area … and when you get tired, a soda in your kiosks!

Where is it located? Between the breakwater of Bogatell and that of the Mar Bella.

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Nova Icària Beach – Sant Martí

Did you know that the beach of Nova Icària and Bogatell are the ones that have a longer stay? It will surely be because they are the quietest beaches in the city.

You will find it from the Olympic Port to the breakwater of Bogatell and it is one of the beaches with the greatest diversity of equipment for activities. Playground, two volleyball courts, a ping-pong table … a thousand moments of fun.

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Somorrostro Beach – Ciutat Vella

The name of this beach pays homage to the historical memory of the city. In this stretch of the coast, the neighborhood of barracas del Somorrostro was established, where some 15,000 people lived in very precarious conditions.

Currently, it is one of the most emblematic beaches of the city. On the porches, there is the Beach Center, a space dedicated to the promotion of the coast where workshops, routes, stories, visits, shows, gatherings and games are offered. It also serves as an information and consultation service, free loans of newspapers, books, magazines, utensils to play in the sand and sports equipment.

Multiple leisure options are waiting for you: gym area, volleyball courts, bike rental, kiosks, restaurants, sports venues … even the “Biblioplatja”!

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Barceloneta Beach – Ciutat Vella

From the Almirall Cervera Street to the Espigón del Gas, the famous Barceloneta beach is located, with a length of 422 meters. It is one of the most traditional beaches in the city and the favorite of foreigners, recreational groups or schools.

On this beach is located the Espai de Mar, it is an equipment that facilitates access to the beach and the marine environment by promoting the inclusive practice of sport and leisure. In addition, Barceloneta beach has a water entry and exit assistance service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Games with the children? A volleyball match? Eat with sea views? You have everything here.

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Sant Miquel Beach – Ciutat Vella

It extends between Plaza del Mar and Almirall Street. It has a length of 420 meters and owes its name to the church of Sant Miquel del Port, built in 1755.

It has sports venues and restaurants so that your beach day is the most complete. And if you feel like taking a bike ride, you have the rental service nearby.

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Sant Sebastià Beach – Ciutat Vella

It is one of the largest and oldest beaches in Barcelona, with 660 meters, and has different sports clubs of great relevance for activities related to the sea. It is located from the mouth of the port to the Plaza del Mar. It is an accessible beach for people with mobility limitations.

It has a playground for children to have fun. You can connect at any time with Barcelona WiFi or enjoy a refreshment in its kiosks.

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Are you a beach lover? Take advantage of all the beach options that your city offers you.