34 parks and gardens to enjoy in Abrera

Abrera has a privileged natural environment around the town and also in it. A total of 34 parks and gardens stain the urban landscape of green areas with careful vegetation, urban furniture and playgrounds. Ideal spaces to rest or have fun outdoors very close to your new construction rental home in BeCorp · Abrera.

Abrera is part of the “Viles Florides” project, which distinguishes the municipalities that work for the transformation of public spaces by improving green areas, respecting the environment and changing water and aquifers.

The distinctive “Vila Florida” represents much more than good ornamentation and pleasant spaces. It also takes into account the protection of green spaces, the improvement of the quality of life of neighbors, the state of urban furniture, the presence of playgrounds, environmental sustainability and the development of local economies.

In Abrera you can enjoy 10.6 hectares of parks and 21 hectares of green areas. This is equivalent to 8.6 m2 of parks and 7 m2 of green space per inhabitant.

Abrera parks are for public use and are complemented by playgrounds and banks. Walk outdoors, play with your children, sit down to rest or enjoy a pleasant chat.

Some of the most prominent playgrounds are the Parc de Can Morall, the Parc de Walt Disney, the Plaça de Pau Casals or the Plaça Rafael Casanova. In addition, you will find landscape parks such as the one around the entrance to the C-55 or the lawn of the Plaça de Rafael Casanova. Some of the parks are mixed and combine landscape values with the practical sense of everyday use, such as the Parc de l’Estació. You can check the 34 parks and gardens by clicking here.

In your apartment for rent of new construction in Abrera you enjoy the comfort of excellent communications, while disconnecting from the city in a green environment.