5 exhibits to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of life every day of the year and culture is present in every corner of the city. If you are a restless mind and you like to learn new things, living in a rental apartment in Barcelona is an ideal option for you. We propose 5 very varied exhibitions that you can visit near your new home. Fashion, art, design history, nature … which one do you prefer?

El cuerpo vestido. Siluetas y moda (1550-2014) – Museu del Disseny

Do you like the fashion world? You can not miss this exhibition. 170 pieces make up this extensive collection of clothing and fashion that runs through history from the 16th century to the present. Available until December 31th, 2019.

7 vaixells, 7 històries – Museu Marítim de Barcelona

Seven stories of seven boats and seven characters from different eras that plunge us into a sea of adventures. Discover what life is like on board a ocean liner, maritime wars, pirates, the discovery of the world or technological innovations. Permanent exhibition.

Un siglo breve: Colección MACBA – MACBA

A narration of modern and contemporary art from 1929 to the present, through the MACBA Collection. The exhibition has been designed from the perspective of Barcelona, showing the pieces and artistic episodes rooted in the city. Permanent Exhibition

El bosque inundado – CosmoCaixa

Get lost in the Amazon rainforest and discover the tropical ecosystem. A thousand square meters of exoticism installed in Barcelona with some of the most representative species of the Amazon: snakes, alligators, tropical birds, amazing fish and lush plants. Permanent exhibition.

¿Diseñas o trabajas? – Museu del Disseny

Collect the graphic design pieces of the 80s and 90s, a stellar era for the creation and transformation of the image in Spain. A graphic journey that begins with the cultural explosion of the 80s and ends in 2003 with the celebration of “the Year of Design”. Permanent exhibition.

In Barcelona, there is no time to get bored. In your new rental apartment, either.