5 places to take vermouth in Sant Martí

“Going to take vermouth” has passed generations to become one of the most fashionable activities. Enjoying good vermouth with your family or friends is a pleasure you should never lose. We encourage you to take vermouth near your apartment for rent in BeCorp · Barcelona – Rbla. Guipúzcoa.

In Sant Martí district you will find multiple options, we recommend you five.

Vermut & Sifó

The class that is breathed in this vermouth of Bilbao street is no coincidence. Elena, its owner, left the sophisticated world of fashion in Milan to open the doors of this excellent place in Barcelona. Vermut & Sifó is the meeting point for people who enjoy eating, drinking and living. Homemade shavings, potatoes with Jelen sauce, a careful selection of wines and a wide menu of dishes to share.

vermut sant marti cerca de pisos de alquiler BeCorp Barcelona

Sifón Sifón

Surround yourself with an authentic and familiar atmosphere in this Gran Via bar specializing in tapas and snacks. Advertise special events on your Facebook page so you can keep up-to-date with the great variety of “pinchos” they offer.

vermut sant marti cerca pisos alquiler BeCorp Barcelona

Espai Vermut

At Còrsega street, the past and present of the tradition of vermouth come together in this modern place. You will receive an interior design of simple authenticity and the quality of your covers will love you. Surround yourself with a good company and enjoy pleasant moments at your small and charming terrace.

vermut sant marti cerca de pisos de alquiler BeCorp Barcelona

Collonut “Vermut, vins i tapes”

A modern aesthetic that mixes the craftsmanship with the graphic design, dressed in the local area of Olesa Street. Al Collonut enjoys a friendly and young atmosphere. This meeting point for the vermouth of Barcelona has earned its customers offering cheeses, sausages, preserves and vermouths of proximity. Do not forget to try “fried potatoes”, bikinis and homemade croquettes.

vermut en sant marti cerca de pisos de alquiler BeCorp Barcelona

Bodega J. Cala

Do you prefer a place with lots of solera? In calle Pere IV, the old cellar J. Cala will make your delights. An authentic bar, with cast-iron decoration and dark wood finishes. Anchovies are the must to accompany the vermouth: fresh, generous and seasoned with the salt point. The same owners of the bar are the ones who prepare them!

bodega vermut sant marti

What will be your favorite? Leave the air on a Sunday at noon and enjoy excellent options for taking vermouth around your home for rent at BeCorp · Barcelona – Rbla. Guipúscoa.