5 routes to discover Montserrat

Montserrat is possibly the most representative mountain in Catalonia. If you live in a rental apartment in BeCorp · Abrera, you are lucky to be only 15 minutes by car from the funicular that will take you to its unmistakable needles.

The Natural Park of the Mountain of Montserrat is an inexhaustible source of plans. Join us to discover some of its routes. You just have to follow the directions you will find in the road signs.

Visit the sanctuary

Discover the monuments and spaces of the sanctuary with a very simple route. Enter the basilica to see Mare de Déu de Montserrat and learn about the architectural remains that tell the story of an imposing past.

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Via Crucis – Sant Miquel – Fra Garí

If you are not an expert in trekking but you feel like walking through the mountains, we recommend you follow this itinerary. It is of low difficulty and you will only find a climb that will not be an obstacle. By this way the ancient pilgrims arrived at Montserrat. Ready to enjoy its magnificent views?

From the sanctuary to Sant Jeroni

The physical effort does not scare you and you want to enjoy the best views of the mountain? Climb to the top of Sant Jeroni, at 1,236 m. From the path of Sant Miquel, ascend to Sant Joan and, to the right of the upper station of the funicular, you will find the path that leads to the top. The tour is 3 hours and 30 minutes but you can save a piece if you go up with the funicular.

rutas e itinerarios por montserrat
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La Porta de Montserrat  – Els degotalls

After seeing the buildings that make up the monastery, you will walk a shady path very rich in vegetation. You will soon reach a rock balcony formed by water erosion. Here you can see different artistic monuments and during the tour you will be accompanied by a spectacular panoramic view of the region of Bages and the Pyrenees.

From the sanctuary to the square of Santa Anna, through El pas dels Francesos

Prepare your legs to climb more than 800 cement steps. This route of approximately 20 minutes is tired but simple and grounded. You will find it marked with white and red marks of the GR 4 and GR 172.

These are just some of the routes to enjoy Montserrat near your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Abrera. You can discover many more here.