6 advantages of living for rent

Anna and Joan recently decided to move in together. They had doubts between buying or renting a home. To know how they decided, we have asked them: what does a home need to be your ideal home? They tell us their reasons.

For us, the ideal apartment is the one that allows you to enjoy your life and your time to the fullest. A space where the everyday becomes extraordinary!

The future is in the rental apartments. We believe in rental housing as the concept that best suits the current lifestyle. Homes focused on experiences and taking advantage of every minute of the day to relax, play, disconnect and share moments with the community. These are our 6 reasons why we recommend living in a rental apartment.

1 Enjoy more freedom

The current lifestyle is based on constant adaptation, on leaving the comfort zone to take advantage of new opportunities, on changing cities and knowing other perspectives or on the freedom to change floors according to the needs of the moment. Living for rent allows you to control your life, without ties, and offers you more flexibility to live your life as you want. So if you want to live in a bigger, smaller apartment, in another city or with another price, you will not have complications.

2 Don’t you have a large amount of money saved? No problem!

Do you want to become independent or move to another floor but you don’t have much money saved? Don’t you want to tie yourself to a mortgage or ask the banks for money? One of the great advantages of living in a rental apartment is that you do not need to accumulate a large amount of money. The amount you must give to start living your new home is much smaller and, if an unforeseen event arises and you do not want to continue paying, you are free to leave it without problems.

3 No unforeseen expenses!

While you are enjoying your rental apartment you will not have to worry about spills or unforeseen expenses. Each month you will pay the rent agreed with the owner in the contract and you can better control your finances.

Save money and enjoy a better quality of life. Go out for dinner, travel, treat yourself … Destine your money to what really makes you happy and not to the mortgage!

4 Less paperwork and more comfortable management

The management to rent an apartment is more comfortable and agile. You decide where you want to live and you start enjoying your flat.

5 For the same price: more services and space

One of the best advantages of living for rent is that with the same monthly expense, you can live in a much better apartment! For the same amount of money that you would dedicate monthly to the mortgage and the expenses of the owner, you can live in a more central apartment, with terrace and services or singular spaces: swimming pool, gym, gardens, common rooms, parking…

6 A faster and easier decision

The choice of a new home is usually complicated and it is normal to be assaulted by all kinds of doubts. Living rent is a less risky decision. If you change your mind or find another more interesting opportunity, you will always have the option to change. Therefore, the fear of being wrong is much less. Rent and breathe easy.

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