6 Badalona parks where you can take a breath

Did you know that Badalona has 14 parks? We present 6 of the parks that surround your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Badalona for you to enjoy with family, couples, friends or alone. They are of all kinds!

parques de badalona cerca de pisos alquiler becorp

1 Can Solei and Ca l’Arnús Park – 1.8 km from BeCorp · Badalona

The romantic star among the Badalona parks. The Can Solei and Ca l’Arnús Park is a unique green space, with beautiful gardens and a great wealth of plants and fauna. The oldest part of the gardens is from the 19th century and still retains the charm of the period style: lush vegetation, winding paths, sculptures, gazebos, grottos, waterfalls and a large navigable lake. The large park of 11 ha is the most interesting for the city of Badalona both for its natural, environmental, historical, artistic and social values. If you visit it, don’t miss the lake castle, the water tower and the clock tower.

2 Montigalà Park – 1.6 km from BeCorp · Badalona

This park located in the Montigalà neighborhood of Badalona has an area of 8.1 ha and is one of the parks most visited by people from Badalona. It is a semi-forest park with areas of cut and manicured grass, the vegetation is Mediterranean and is made up of holm oaks and pines. Different paths encourage us to visit the park and, among its corners we find children’s games and even an antiques market every Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

parques de badalona cerca de pisos alquiler becorp

3 Turó Caritg Park – 2.2 km from BeCorp · Badalona

Turó Caritg Park, of 6.1 ha, is located on top of a small hill. From the top, you can enjoy privileged views of Badalona and the sea. Another advantage of its unique location is that it allows you to get away from the noise and bustle of the city. Strolling along its dirt roads, some secured with train sleepers, you will discover forest vegetation and a large number of Mediterranean species. A curious fact about this green area of Badalona is that during the first half of the 20th century different early Christian graves were discovered.

4 Parks G4 and G5 – 1.6 km from BeCorp · Badalona

Going up the Sant Jeroni de la Murtra path, we find two large parks that offer us wide meadows with pine trees, holm oaks and Mediterranean shrubs. Inside the G5 park there is a cycle path, making it very easy and pleasant to pedal on it.

5 Parque de les Muntanyetes – 1.7 km from BeCorp · Badalona

Its name refers to the artificial mountains where the park is located. In the highest part, there are the children’s games but, the mound area also invites you to walk paths and quiet areas where you can relax. If you are looking for a large paved area, you can also enjoy it in this park.

parques de badalona cerca de pisos alquiler becorp

6 Riera Canyadó Park – 1.8 km from BeCorp · Badalona

It was inaugurated in 2000 and has various awards for its design: 2nd AiA Continental Europe Award, International Design Awards, finalist in FAD for Exterior Spaces and 2nd European Landscape Prize Rosa Bauba. The park is made up of different terraces with pavements of different textures and colors. Especially, its gabion walls stand out. Vegetation is also present with poplars, hackberry, oak and even robinias and cherries from Japan.

Still don’t have enough? You can check all the details of the Badalona parks here. Enjoy with the whole family the green areas that the environment of your new construction rental apartment in Badalona offers you.