7 advantages of renting a furnished apartment

When looking for a new rental home, many people wonder if it is better to opt for a furnished or unfurnished apartment. If you are looking for ease, speed and comfort to release your new construction home, we recommend renting a furnished apartment. They are not just words, we explain why with these 7 reasons.

1 Start living your new rental apartment from the first day

Becorp rental apartments have everything you need so you can move in immediately. After signing your rental agreement, you will surely be eager to start enjoying your new home. At Becorp, your arrival is much faster, easier, lighter and more comfortable.

2 Appliances included

The refrigerator, the washing machine, the ceramic hob, the microwave, the television… Do you know how much money and time it takes to get everything you need to equip your home? Breathe, in Becorp you can rent a fully equipped new construction apartment.

piso de alquiler amueblado

3 Save yourself the investment in furniture

Furnishing an empty apartment is a very high investment and can stop your intentions to become independent or change your apartment. Renting your apartment online with Becorp has many advantages, one of them is that the rental income includes furniture and equipment so that the move to your new apartment does not mean a hole in your economy. Make numbers and you will realize the thousands of euros you save!

4 Forget about moving

And what about all the hustle and bustle of moving? Rent a furnished apartment and you won’t have to worry about it. Pack only your personal belongings and go home.

5 If you ever move out of an apartment, do it without worries

A new job, family extension, change of priorities… there are many reasons that can motivate a change of home. Living in a furnished rental apartment makes the whole process easy. Pack your belongings and don’t worry about where to store the furniture or how to move it.

piso de alquiler amueblado

6 Give it your style with some details

A furnished apartment can also convey your personality and style. Open the door of your new apartment and discover the latest trend furniture, with a neutral style to match the decoration details you want to add. Ready to give it your unique touch?

7 New in town? All facilities!

Arrive in a city and have an apartment ready to move into? At Becorp it is possible. Install yourself from the first moment and start enjoying the house and all the common areas. Faced with a new challenge, we make it very easy for you.


You already know the main advantages of renting a furnished apartment. Do you dare to start your adventure with Becorp? Rent here and enjoy all the comforts and, in addition, a wide variety of services and common spaces.