9 beaches to enjoy the sea

The city has nine beaches of fine golden sand. Relax in front of the sea, walk along the shore, bathe or play to build castles. Everything, very close to your new apartment for rent of new construction.

When you leave home, the warm sun rays invite you to enjoy the outdoors. With a relaxing 10-minute walk, you reach one of the Badalona beaches and your view blends into the horizon. You get rid of the flip flops and the soft sand sneaks between your fingers to offer you a revitalizing sensation. Children blow their imagination between impressive sand constructions and groups of friends enjoy volleyball or beach soccer in an enviable environment. As you flip through a magazine from your towel, you sigh and think “I love my new home.”

The beaches of Badalona extend over almost 5 km, with 187,000 m2 of sand and are visited every year by more than one million people. They have a surveillance service, dressing rooms, accompaniment for people with functional diversity, beach bars, showers, bins, playgrounds, volleyball court, beach soccer, Korfbal … Everything you need to spend a great day with your family, just minutes from your new construction apartment for rent in BeCorp · Badalona.

Do you want to know the 9 beaches of Badalona and their services in just a glance?

Barca Maria Beach – 660 m – Between Torrent Vallmajor and the limit with Montgat

Cristall Beach – 300 m – Between Torrent Vallmajor and Riera de Canyadó

Pont d’en Botifarreta Beach – 625 m – Between the Riera de Canyadó and the Riera de Matamoros

Pescadors Beach – 470 m – Between the Riera de Matamoros and c/ de Mar

Patins a Vela Beach – 120 m – Between the c/ de Mar and the av. Martí Pujol

Estació Beach – 355 m – Between av. Martí Pujol and av. Sant Ignasi de Loiola

Pont del Petroli Beach – 420 m – Between av. Sant Ignasi de Loiola and pl. dels Patins a Vela

Coco Beach – 170 m – Between pl. dels Patins de Vela and c/ Cervantes

Mora Beach – 585 m – Between Sant Adrià del Besós and the port – (Closed for works)

Let the foam of the sea reach your feet on a morning walk, dive into the salt water on a summer afternoon, jump waves in family … We love to bathe in the sea, but we want to make it safe. The water quality of the beaches of Badalona is constantly studied by the City Council. During the bathing season, the state of the beaches can be consulted in the information posters located on the beaches and online by clicking here.

Are you a beach lover? Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle next to your new home at BeCorp · Badalona.