A fantasy world in Parc de Can Solei i Ca l’Arnús

Get into a magical world 20 minutes from your rental apartment in BeCorp · Badalona. Parc de Can Solei i Ca l’Arnús, located at Av. Navarra, is a historical garden with a great vegetal and fauna richness. Discover this large green space of 11 ha and awaken your imagination.

Did you know that the park’s origins date back to an old 16th-century farm estate? It was in April 1859 that banker Evarist Arnús purchased a part of Can Solei from a public auction to build his own paradise. Around the summer house he built, a garden was designed with elements of the time.

The gardens were visited by many important personalities. In 1888 Queen Regent Maria Cristina and her two-year-old son Alfonso XIII were in the park and enjoyed a boat ride on the lake.

rellotge parc can solei i ca l'arnús badalona

This park, now open to the public, offers lush vegetation, winding paths, gazebos, caves, waterfalls and a large navigable lake. A storytelling scenario to enjoy an afternoon of family games or a relaxing walk. The romantic gardens of the 19th century are still preserved, and the centenary trees, the Castle of the Lake, the Water Tower and the Clock Tower adorn every corner of the park.

Parc de Can Solei and Ca l’Arnús is the park of greatest interest in Badalona. Its natural, environmental, artistic, historical and social values make it unique. Walking along its paths takes us back in time to the beginning of the twentieth century, reliving the days of Catalan bourgeois families.


When can you visit the park?

November to March, 7.45am to 7pm

In April and October, from 7.45am to 8pm

In May, June, August and September, from 7.45am to 9pm

In July, from 7.45am to 10pm

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