Apartments for rent near the downtown markets: Boqueria, Santa Caterina and Barceloneta

If somewhere it is shown, in its greatest expression, the pulse of a city is in its markets. Places of life and constant hustle and bustle, where paradistas bring fresh food so that you can buy the best products in the city every day. The frescoes coexist with bars and restaurants that delight buyers and visitors. All very close to your new rental apartment in Barcelona.


One of the souls of Las Ramblas

After a leisurely walk of about 7 minutes, from your rental apartment in Becorp · Rambla, through Las Ramblas you will access the most iconic and touristic market in Barcelona, La Boqueria. After a first row very focused on juices of all kinds to refresh visitors, there is an amalgamation of meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruit stalls… The existence of this facility is mentioned for the first time in 1217, with the concession real to a private owner of a meat carving table. At the moment it occupies the place where in its day the convent of Sant Josep de los Carmelitas Descalzos existed; hence it is also known as the Sant Josep market.


A surprising cover

Leaving your rental apartment in Becorp · Rambla, a pleasant walk of a quarter of an hour awaits you, in which you will pass through the emblematic Plaza de San Jaume, it will take you to the doors of Santa Caterina, the first covered market that was located in the city of Barcelona. In the place that occupied the convent that gives its name to the market, the building rises, topped by a spectacular roof made up of 325,000 pieces of stoneware in 60 different colors. The roof is slightly inclined to make it easier for rainwater to drain off and some wooden panels, located between the roof and the façade, allow the large room to be ventilated naturally.


Seafaring essence with award

Twenty minutes of walking separate us from the quintessential fishermen and sailors market: Barceloneta. Located in a unique neighborhood (full of narrow and closed streets and that still breathes a very familiar lifestyle), its character has been adapted to the dictates of the new times, in which the markets have a very abundant and varied offer . The latest remodeling of the facility, which preserves the original iron structure of the market, received institutional recognition through the 2007 City of Barcelona Award.


Get up early, have breakfast in any of the three markets around your new-build rental apartment in Barcelona and come back with the perfect ingredients for your next lunch or dinner, to enjoy with family and friends in your Becorp · Rambla apartment. Tempting offer, right?