Art in Joan Miró Park

Every day will be unique in your new rental apartment BeCorp · Barcelona – Sants. Less than 2 km from your home, Joan Miró Park is drawn, a large green space with important plantations of pines, holm oaks and palm trees.

Joan Miró Park occupies the equivalent of four Eixample blocks. And you will find different activities and for all tastes.

At the gardens, you will enjoy flora and fauna. The area has been cared with plantations and shelters to attract birds, butterflies and other small animals. Near the square, there is a 6,000 m2 large meadow with shady roads and pergolas that will take you to charming forests.

Jardín parque Joan Miró en Sants
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In this park you can also find Joan Miró public library, surrounded by water channels and cypresses. It’s a dream place to discover new readings.

Art is one of distinguishing features of this park. The most outstanding work is the sculpture “Dona i Ocell” by Joan Miró. It measures 72ft is made of artificial stone and partially covered with a “trencadís”: colored ceramics.

Dona i Ocell parque Joan Miró en Sants
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Take a sunbath, play with children or sign up for petanque. Near the statue, there is a paved area where you can test your skates or skate skills. In this space, numerous events take place every year. In addition, the park has ping-pong tables and sports courts to enjoy basketball or football.

Bosque niños parque Joan Miró en Sants
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The great novelty of this summer is the opening of a playful space with water games. The recreation area will be aimed at children from 0 to 12 years old and will have water games, water circuits, sliders and sprinklers. It will be open every day from June 25 to September 6, from 10 am to 8 pm

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