BeCorp is born

The new company enters the residential rental sector with an innovative housing model

The company was created in the second half of 2018 by Corp Promotors in the interest of the developer to enter this market segment

BeCorp plans to offer 2,500 rental homes in three years, all of them new construction in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, at market price and with differential benefits

The client of the BeCorp promotions will have value-added services within the community and solutions that meet their current needs

The entrance of Corp Promotors in the residential rental market responds to a strategic company interest in developing a new and differential rental model unpublished in our country. After an exhaustive analysis of the current situation of rental housing, European trends and the needs of the population that opts for rent as a housing option, the developer has conceptualized a rental housing proposal that offered an adequate response at the present time, adding elements of value adapted to today’s needs.
Corp Promotors, following its rupturist philosophy within the real estate market, wants to offer a totally differential and innovative type of housing and service for the client. For this, in the last semester of the previous year, it constituted a new company with the objective of implementing this new line of business.


BeCorp is the vehicle that Corp Promotors has created to market rental housing that will have been developed exclusively by the developer. In recent months, Corp Promotores has sought the participation in this new project of several international funds maintaining contact with Hines, Greystar, Testa, Scranton Enterprises or Nortia, among others. In this startup of the new company, Scranton Enterprises is the first to participate in that company and it is expected that in the coming months agreements will be closed with other investors to enter the BeCorp shareholding.


According to the strategic plan of BeCorp, whose management rests exclusively with the promoter of Barcelona, the forecast is that the first promotion is marketed this summer and that in three years the 2,500 homes for rent are reached. The planned investment is more than 600 million euros, with the long-term project of reaching 5,000 homes in the future and the possibility of taking this innovative model, which has many followers internationally, also to other Spanish cities .



BeCorp bursts into the residential market with the vocation to revolutionize the traditional concept of rental, as it offers a unique and unique project proposal at the moment.


And is that the BeCorp customer will find associated with his contract the advantages of enjoying a series of complementary services designed for your comfort and appropriate to your pace of life. The new company breaks with the traditional approach of rental housing and will provide its residential complexes with centralized services of added value that facilitate the life of the client and that range from the reception of online purchases, access with smart keys, common areas such as gymnasium or coworking in the same building, leisure spaces, catering services or household chores, among many other planned proposals.


This is a new pioneer model in our country with which the company recovers the concept of “living in community” through the common areas provided within the residential complex and that encourage a connection between the neighbors.