BeCorp · Sant Just achieves the Renewable Energy Certificate

At BeCorp we care about the environment, we want to be respectful of our environment and make reasonable use of resources. For this reason, BeCorp rental apartments are eco-efficient and the BeCorp · Sant Just building has a Renewable Energy Certificate.

This certificate guarantees that 100% of the low electricity consumption of the BeCorp · Sant Just building during 2020 will be 100% renewable.

rental apartments becorp renewable energy

BeCorp · Sant Just is a highly sustainable building with the best energy rating A. Furthermore, all the low electricity consumption required by the building is 100% renewable in origin, further minimizing the CO2 footprint and acting against Climate Change.

Thus, we help protect the environment and reduce pollution. At BeCorp, we are committed to a new way of living rent, more sustainable and respectful.


A project in favor of eco-efficiency

BeCorp · Sant Just rental homes have been designed according to eco-efficiency criteria. In addition to having the Renewable Energy Certificate and Energy Rating A, they have lighting with LED technology, a system for reducing water consumption and a highly efficient centralized system for HVAC air conditioning and heating.


Eco-friendly spaces and services

At BeCorp you enjoy spaces and services that make your life easier and bring you more well-being, leisure, sports, amenities … In addition to Gym, Pool, CoWorking, CoLiving, Relax Area, Micro Market 24h, Smart Point … BeCorp · Sant Just also includes spaces and services that promote sustainable mobility and allow you to be more respectful of the environment. This is the case of the Bike Room and the EV Charger.

rental apartment ecoefficient in sant just desvern bike room, bike parking

In the Bike Room you can park your bike or scooter in facilities with advanced access control system and 24-hour video surveillance. It has electric recharging points for e-bikes or electric scooters, as well as a module with tools and a cleaning area.

The EV Charger service is available in the Parking through charging points so that you can plug in your electric vehicle with total comfort.


Join the BeCorp community and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle. Hire your apartment at BeCorp · Sant Just 100% online now, without leaving your home.