Bike Room, we promote sustainable transport by incorporating bike parking in Becorp rental apartments

Becorp is much more than new-build rental apartments, it is a new concept that offers you a more active, comfortable and sustainable lifestyle. The Becorp residences have common areas with services such as a gym, CoWorking, CoLiving, supermarket, gardens, relaxation area or bicycle parking, among others.

If you live pedaling or want to join a more sustainable lifestyle and turn the bicycle into your usual means of transport, enjoying a bicycle parking in your building will bring you many advantages.

The Bike Room is a space designed to park your bike or scooter. It has different marked spaces, a repair module and a cleaning module. It also has charging points for e-bikes or electric scooters. To find out if the residence of your interest has a Bike Room and what its characteristics are, visit our website or contact our team by calling +34 648 083 743.

aparcamiento para bicis en pisos de alquiler becorp

What advantages can the Bike Room in your rental apartment bring you?

Save space in your home

Forget about looking for a space for the bike in your home and the hustle and bustle of moving it around the floor every time you want to go out. Park your bike in the Bike Room and enjoy a more orderly, spacious and clean environment.

Repair and clean your bike in the right place

Repairing or cleaning a bike in a flat is a really cumbersome task. Work more comfortably and keep your bike in perfect condition in the Bike Room. Some of our bike racks have repair and cleaning tools so you always have your two-wheeled companion ready.

Enjoy a healthier and more sustainable style

How many times have you not gone out on a bike because of laziness? Having the bike always ready and with easy access will motivate you to use it regularly. Go to work, take a walk to unwind, hit the road for the weekend… In a Becorp flat with a Bike Room, there are no excuses for not going out and hitting the pedals.

aparcamiento para bicis en pisos de alquiler becorp

We invite you to discover all the common spaces and rental flats of the Becorp residences. Book your appointment by calling +34 648 083 743 and enjoy a personalized visit.