Bike routes from Sant Just

Do you like sports and nature? From your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern you can start a great adventure with your bike. Preparations begin in the Bike Room of your new home. Get ready and get ready to pedal! Today we propose some bike routes around Sant Just Desvern.

The first of the routes that we discover is an exit of moderate difficulty in which you will travel 40 km away with a slope of 740 m. You can complete it in about 4 hours and during the tour you can make different stops to see the Hermitage of Santa Maria del Remei, the Creu de Santa Maria, the Hermitage of Santa Maria de Cervelló with very good views and the Castle of Cervelló. You can check all the details and the map of the route here.

rutas en bici cerca de becorp sant just

Another little adventure you can undertake is the ascent to Sant Pere Màrtir. You will find a natural viewpoint where you can contemplate the incredible views of Barcelona and the Natural Park. You can complete the 5 km one way in about 30 minutes following this path. If you want to enjoy your MTT trip for longer, this point is connected to many other itineraries, you just have to follow the directions of the route that you most want.

ruta bici montaña becorp

Do you love to ride a bike but would like to move forward with less effort? You have to try electric bicycles! In Sant Just Desvern you will find the store specialized in e-bikes Noulimits, with rental and sale service of mountain, urban or road e-bikes. They even offer a free trial!

Noulimits is more than a store. They also organize group outings on electric bikes to enjoy the sport in community or private guided tours. We had the pleasure of meeting Àngels Bassas, founder of Noulimits.

Why would you recommend the use of e-bikes for those who live in Sant Just?

Sant Just has a privileged location to go on an electric mountain bike since it is next to the Parc Natural de Collserola, with hundreds of roads to enjoy as a child with an eMTB.

In the case of travel to the workplace, with an e-bike you will not only be able to reach your destination at peak times before, but you will also be happier. If you work in Barcelona you will enjoy the new bike lane that connects Sant Just Desvern with the Diagonal and if you work in the area of access to the town center, with steep climbs, you will become much more bearable.

There is another important component, the economic one: going by electric bicycle is much cheaper than driving to work. There are even customers who have bought the eMTB to walk the dog. I can assure you that it is an economic investment.

How are Noulimits group outings and how can we sign up?

We have a passion for electric bicycles and organize outings with our customers, although at the moment they are not overcrowded. We usually send email to clients and subscribers and they are limited places because we like to go in a group and have everything under control. You can sign up for the Noulimits blog if you want to receive information, we will also inform you through social networks. For registration, we request that you send us an email.

What e-bikes options do you have?

I could extend a lot but I will try to be brief. We have 3 large groups, the eMTB, electric mountain bikes; eCITY, urban electric bicycles and eROAD, electric road bicycles.

Most bicycles are sized and choosing it well is very important; In Noulimits we advise you on the size of each model. If necessary, we measure you to make sure.

We also have second-hand electric bicycles, especially mountain bikes.

Lately our customers are interested in eCARGO calls to take the children to school and then make the purchase. In Sant Just it is highly recommended for the steep slopes in certain areas.

Can children also use them?

There are mountain bikes for children, from 7 years. The interesting thing about e-bikes is that you can go out as a family, all together, and each with the assistance you need to keep up with the group. A sport for 3 generations: children, parents and grandparents, what else do you want?

What is your favorite bike route around Sant Just?

There are many routes in Collserola, you enter and pedal according to the day and time you have. I really like to enter the Park through the area of Can Melich up, to the road, and then walk trails such as the so-called Dragon Khan or the Chinese Wall, but never on Sunday or in central hours of the day.

Can BeCorp · Sant Just customers come to try e-bikes?

Of course BeCorp customers can come, we will be happy to convey our passion, knowledge and experience. Trying an e-bike makes sense for a first contact but it is best to rent it and, if you buy one, we will refund the rental money.

Where is your Noulimits store?

We are on the Carretera Reial, number 50, of Sant Just Desvern, corner with Ateneu street, next to the Bright Service gas station, La Bonaigua restaurant and the Honda.

Thank you very much Angels, it has been a pleasure.

Thank you for counting on me.

Dare to explore the surroundings of your home! Always with the peace of mind of knowing that when you arrive at BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern, you can park your bike comfortably in the Bike Room.