Build to rent apartments in Cerdanyola, the city where culture doesn’t stop

If the cultural offer of a city played with the simile of poker cards’ deck, the town of Cerdanyola del Vallès (located in the Vallès Occidental region, within the province of Barcelona) would have a winning hand based on four events in form of aces. From your new-build rental apartment in Becorp · Cerdanyola, you have four events very close that will delight culture lovers of all ages:

Fantosfreak Film Festival

If there’s a place where world of cinema and freak genre converge in a surprising and attractive way, is at Cerdanyola contest. In Fantosfreak -International Festival of Fantastic and Freaks Short Films of Cerdanyola del Vallès- up to 548 short films based on fantastic and freak theme have circulated. Parc del Turonet is the open-air stage, where spectators enjoy terrifying during July evenings under the starlight.

Through the 21 editions that this festival has harvested, admiration and recognition for this curious and unique event has been achieved, both nationally and internationally.

International Blues Festival

Almost a quarter of a century ago, in a musical program by Cerdanyola Ràdio, the embryo of what would become years later a reference event throughout the whole country emerged. With blues as its central axis -although in a later phase it was expanded to genres such as rock, soul or funk-, every two years, Cerdanyola International Blues Festival welcomes artists of international fame who have given a great impact to this city.

Among all concerts, the free Barbecue & Blues stands out, which serves as the closing act of this music festival and which brings together various bands throughout one day, while you can taste food in the open air.

International Dance Festival

What started as a party exclusively focused on dance evolved into a gigantic multicultural manifestation that also includes the world of music, gastronomy, entertainment, photography and popular culture. Its objective is none other than to bring culture from the entire planet closer to the citizens of Cerdanyola.

During the week that the International Festival of Popular Dance lasts, dance exhibitions and workshops, gastronomic activities, concerts, dance group meetings, a photographic contest and a gala in which all groups invited participate take place.

International Children’s and Youth Theater Festival

FIT Festival completes the varied cultural offer that Cerdanyola offers, with an international event to dive into the performing arts in general and into children’s and family theater in particular.

This festival, with a format repeated every two years, is full of shows and performances from different locations in the city. It’s the perfect showcase for international, national and local productions of children’s and youth theater that mix the most traditional art with new trends.

In the eco-efficient apartments of Becorp · Cerdanyola you will experience build to rent as you have never done before, in a city with a personality that breathes 100% culture.