Coixinets Karts Club, part of the identity of St. Just

The Bearing Kart Race is a true tradition in Sant Just Desvern and has been held every year since 1976. If you live in one of the new BeCorp · Sant Just rental apartments, you cannot miss this classic event in the municipality.

The Coixinets Karting Club, along with other collaborators, is in charge of organizing the competition that annually brings together a large number of participants and the public. Pilots build their vehicles with wood and without a motor. Still, they can reach 60 km/h!

The teams are made up of two people. The pilot, who goes inside the kart, and the co-pilot who is the one who pushes it and gives it speed. Want to see what one of these races looks like? View here the report that TV3 broadcast on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of these races.

The circuit has a steep slope so that the karts pick up speed and different curves. The route is usually around 700 meters and the participants are divided into categories. In total, a hundred vehicles and some 4,000 people join the event, enjoying the exciting spectacle.

karts coixinets en sant just desvern

As if it were a Formula 1 race, the competition begins with a practice session and qualifying on Saturday. And on Sunday… the races are held!

The emblematic race is usually held in mid-November, so you still have time to find your partner to make your kart. Remember that you must inform yourself of the technical criteria set by the organization.

If you attend as an audience, we encourage you to participate in the Instagram photo contest that is usually organized. Will yours be the best photo of the event?

Live the culture and all the activities that your municipality offers you, surround yourself with leisure in your rental home in BeCorp · Sant Just.