Cook in Barcelona

The kitchen is fashionable! Do you want to improve your technique? If you are in a mood cooks and live in one of the apartments for rent BeCorp in Barcelona, we encourage you to practice your art in these 5 delicious places.

And if you want an expert advice before going there, let’s get ahead of you that this year, the star ingredients are: fresh strawberries, leeks, sprigs, acai, spirulina, kasha, chick peas or unrefined sugar. Now what is carried is frugal cuisine and more creativity in the preparation of vegetables. Do you find it difficult? You will get it in the following centers!

La Patente: the cuisine of everyday life

It has professionals in the kitchen that have devoted to teaching, who are accustomed to dynamising classes and interacting with the students. They make classic courses (rice, market cuisine, carmanyola cuisine) and more original as “ramen”, emplatado, nikkei kitchen, molecular cooking, kitchen with Michelin star, “Izakaya” cuisine (Japanese tavern), “sushi” For modern, Japanese cuisine in four dishes, initiation to “shushi”…

One-day courses, with lunch or dinner included, lasted almost three hours. They also have courses of five sessions so that the student learns the techniques of cooking (ironing, dry cooking, wet cooking, stew …), cuts and products: fish, meat, sauces and fritters, vegetables and vegetables, eggs…

Mireia Carbó: good vibes

Mireia Carbó has decided to make her dream come true: to create her own school. If you know it, you know what you will find: you will be very enjoyable in learning to prepare practical and current recipes to stay as a great chef (although you have to work a bit, because the courses are usually participatory).

She does all the courses that take place at her school. Mireia is backing her books, radio and television programs, but above all, the flight hours she brings to the kitchen, in a didactic and practical way, how to have fun in the kitchen and get the best results.

Soul Spices: Indian cuisine with a lot of flow

Anjalina Chugani is considered a passionate and emotional person, with a wonderful roots for her Indian culture. Not all your kitchen is spicy, but it is very hearty.

The graduate chef at the Hofmann School has wanted to eliminate the stereotypes that exist on the species, which are the basis of Indian cuisine “of all life”, and that in its different variants bear the seal of each family and generation. Run the recipes of your memory and culture as a vehicle to express yourself and to preserve the flavors and smells that have marked your childhood.

Canela Fina: demonstrative, non-participatory cooking classes

Through different themes, with the demonstration classes you will learn recipes from the best restaurants to be able to make at home and all the tricks needed to surprise the guests.

Every Monday, restaurant chefs give masters to amateurs. They are demonstrative, not participatory. That is, it looks, but it is not touched. It is not cooked or eaten. The talks talk about products: mushrooms, artichokes, croquettes … They last two hours and they are for people who love the kitchen very much.

Hofmann: professional kitchen course

The Hofmann School Courses are aimed at enthusiasts and culinary professionals, who wish to deepen into specific cooking techniques and abilities, with the parameters of quality, professionalism and innovation of the Hofmann School.

Amateurs and professionals find Hofmann specific programs. From monographic courses of 6 hours to professional courses of 34 months, depending on your culinary concerns.

Put on your apron and encourage yourself to return to class. Practice all the learned in the kitchen of your new apartment for rent BeCorp in Barcelona and enjoy different and delicious flavors every day. Because the new way of living is based on finding the details that give us happiness, and cooking is one of them!