Delve into the Montjuïc Castle

Montjuïc Castle is an indispensable part of Barcelona’s history. Visit it a short distance from your apartment for rent in BeCorp · Barcelona – Sants and enter a fortification that has guarded the city since 1640.

Did you know that before becoming a castle, what crowned the mountain was a lighthouse? It was in 1640, as a consequence of the beginning of the Guerra dels Segadors, that the lighthouse was ordered to be walled with a fort. Under the threat of a naval attack, the top of Montjuïc was fortified to protect the city. In thirty days, the population built a small castle that would evolve over the centuries to become what we know today.

Relive history with a guided tour with which you will discover the adventures lived in the castle and its architecture. You will be able to enter places that are not open to the public such as the dungeons, the watchtower or the cistern.

castillo montjuic barcelona
Imagen de ©Jordi Puig

In the famous dungeons, you will be surprised by the more than 650 graffiti made by prisoners. Through a documentation task, it has been investigated how the day to day of the seclusion in these spaces and their experiences were. The prisoners who passed through them were very diverse, since the dungeons were used from the last third of the 19th century until the end of the Civil War.

In the enclosure you will also see the access bridge, the bastions, the parade ground, the terrace, the marina wall, the moat, the hornabeque and the ravelin, the sea and land lunettes and the covered path.

If you prefer, you can opt for the free visit, for € 5 or visit it for free on Sundays from 3pm and the first Sundays of the month throughout the day.

castillo montjuic barcelona
Imagen de ©Jordi Puig

The castle is located on the top of Montjuïc, so unbeatable views of the city of Barcelona and its surroundings await you. From the parade ground, you have a 360º vision that encompasses the city, the port, the Mediterranean, the Barcelonan coast and the Baix Llobregat.

Free your imagination in the Montjuïc castle. From BeCorp · Barcelona – Sants, you can get there by public transport with the combination of buses 125 and 150.