Disconnection moments in Parc de Sant Martí

The outdoors, nature and green spaces help us lead a healthier lifestyle. The parks and squares are drawn around your rental apartment in BeCorp · Barcelona – Rambla Guipúscoa. One of them: Parc de Sant Martí.

This community park offers you different spaces that come together in a large green area with many facilities. An irregular triangle covered with grass is the ideal place to lie down to rest, read relaxed or play with children in comfortable surroundings. It has scattered trees that give shady corners to anyone who wants to take refuge from the sun.

Did you know that, before the park existed, this land was occupied by cultivated fields? It was one of the last areas of agricultural Barcelona.

Acacia and cypresses are two of the many tree species found in the park. The great tree diversity is due to the popular plantations that have been made. We also find poplars, a huge Siberian elm, alder, orange and olive trees. The latter, in tribute to the agricultural past of the district.

parque sant martí barcelona, cerca de pisos alquiler becorp

Parc de Sant Martí also has a large, shadowy and quiet square, ideal for playing ball or other sports. At the top is a children’s play area and benches surrounded by hedges. Perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and recharge!

At the other end of the square, one of the most differential and interesting parts of this park is located: the Sant Martí parish. Different architectural elements have gone through years of history to remain standing still: the church, the farmhouses of Can Cadena, Can Planas and Ca l’Arnó, which currently serve as equipment venues for the neighborhood.

Precisely in the Can Cadena farmhouse, 16 plots of urban gardens have been established, which are run by older people from the Sant Martí district. Corrals with farm animals, the composting area and the training classroom in organic farming have been located in this environment.

Do you want to discover all these corners of the parc de Sant Martí? They await you less than 1 km from your new home at BeCorp · Barcelona – Rambla Guipúscoa.