Discover the Ceramic Museum “La Rajoleta”

Did you know that very close to your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell there is an old ceramic factory that was a supplier to architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Domènech i Muntaner, Puig i Cadafalch or Gallissà? Now converted into a museum, you can visit it just 1 km from your home.

In 1858, Màrius Jourdan and Joan Terrada created a partnership to build a “tile factory”. Since then, the company went through different changes of hand and it was in the golden age of Modernism when it enjoyed greater notoriety, producing high-quality ceramics for renowned artists and architects.

In the 80s, the Esplugues de Llobregat City Council acquired the factory, already in decline, to turn it into what we know today: the “La Rajoleta” Ceramic Museum.

Visiting “La Rajoleta” you will visit a circuit with which you will discover an exterior part of the enclosure and part of the building that houses the permanent exhibition. Learn about the interesting world of ceramics by observing the remains of the settling basins, the mill room, the corner of the mud, the chimney for the fumes of the steam engine and the important set of furnaces. You will be surprised when you see the different types! Exactly there are six of Arab type, two of bottle and a furnace for metallic reflection ceramics.

ceramic museum la rajoleta

These remains not only have extraordinary archaeological value, but also technological. Through its study, you will be able to know the manufacturing process of Catalan decorative ceramics from the s. XIX to the present day.

The Museum also has different collections and collections such as pieces and utensils from the Pujol i Bausis factory; documents and material from the draftsman and mosaicist Lluís Brú; the Castells collection; Modernist pieces on loan from the Barcelona Ceramic Museum or the biennial collection of Angelina Alós ceramics.

If you want to know Modernism from the perspective of the production of its iconic ceramics, you cannot miss the “La Rajoleta” Ceramic Museum. Visit it just 15 minutes walk from your new construction rental home in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell.