El Flako, the paradise of cereals in Barcelona

Breakfast is one of the most endearing moments that are lived in a home but, sometimes, you want to treat yourself and go out and enjoy it outside the home. If you live in one of the BeCorp rental apartments in Barcelona, surprise your family with a different breakfast at El Flako.

El Flako is a cereal bar located near the Santa Caterina market, in the heart of the Borne . Its carefree, vintage and colorful style characterizes this place that can boast of being the first cereal bar in the city.

Its owners, after visiting London and going to try one of their Cereal Bar, returned to Barcelona in search of the same concept, but they found none. That was when El Flako was born.

cereales froot loops en barcelona

In El Flako, they change their cereal bowls menu every week so as not to complicate their existence, having to choose among their varieties for all tastes. Among national, international and ecological have about 70 types. Some easier to find in any supermarket, and many more difficult, such as the Froot Loops, so fashionable in the late 80s, but soon ceased to be marketed in Spain for the excessive sugar they contained.

They also have a Vegan and healthy offer, plus a lot of gluten-free products like their homemade cakes, which they make every day. Its menu is perfectly designed for all audiences: vegan, fitness, gluten free…

And to soak them, you can choose between ten different types of milk, to which they add dye to give it a more youthful touch. Or if you prefer, order a milkshake or a smoothie.

El Flako is born as an innate need of the city of Barcelona, ​​an existing demand of those inveterate lovers of a bowl of cereals. The perfect place for the most nostalgic.

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