Expedition to the Molí Fariner of Can Pedrosa

With every walk around your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern, you will discover new and charming corners. Today we propose a visit to the medieval heritage of the city: discover the Molí Fariner of Can Pedrosa. It is only 3 km from your new home, so you can walk in 30 minutes.

This mill, of which almost all its structure is preserved, was built in 1306 and operated until the mid-seventeenth century. It is located next to a stream, since water was used as a driving force. Water passed through the well and moved the mola that crushed the grains of wheat. With this flour, the bread and the coca that was fed to the country was elaborated.

When the mill stopped working, it was used for different uses. It was even the place chosen to bury three dead by the plague in 1651, although they were later removed.

Molí fariner cerca de BeCorp Sant Just Desvern pisos de alquiler
Image provided by Wikiloc.

There is no doubt that the Molí Fariner of Can Pedrosa is part of the history of Sant Just Desvern. For this reason, its remains are included in the Catalog of Local Historical and Artistic Heritage.

We invite you to go for a walk or enjoy a bike ride to visit this historical element. At the top, you can see the buried raft, the entire winery, the turn of the gull and the internal and external pipes are preserved. You can also see the entrance portal, which has a pointed Gothic arch.

Do you want a fun proposal? Play with the children to imagine who entered through that door during the middle ages. Surely they come up with very curious stories and you will stimulate their creativity!

Live a small medieval expedition next to your rental home in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern. On going!