Experience the tradition in Sagarra Market

Doing the weekly purchase in a market that is more than 80 years old makes it a daily act in a custom with a lot of history. Sagarra Market of Santa Coloma de Gramenet was opened in July 1934 and is the oldest in the municipality. It is located in Plaça Ferran de Sagarra, 15 minutes walk from your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

In 2014, the market reopened its doors with a renovated building but retaining its architecture and the original concept of a traditional fresh produce market. The merchants’ stalls are the heart of the market. Slice with stallholders, let them recommend your best products and fill out your basket of quality products.

mercat sagarra interior

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, foods, pulses, meat, dairy products, bread, fish, preserves, eggs, nuts … support local businesses by buying Sagarra Market and enjoy personalized attention and food with Those who prepare delicious dishes in your rental flat.

Buying at Sagarra Market is a real pleasure, and not just for the excellent service of the merchants, also for its architecture. The building conserves the facades of the Noucentista style, with a finish that alternates the brick seen with the stucco. It stands out for its ornamental elements of art decó, moldings, cornices, glazed ceramics and stone basement. The roof has large light inlets and can be accessed by four doors located on the central axes of the four facades.

Although it is an historic market, after the reform, the interior is a spectacular and modern 21st century market. Enter into a fusion of tradition and modernity and commitment to proximity, sustainable commerce, with a wide range of healthy and trusted products. Wishing to go out to shop in your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Santa Coloma de Gramenet? You are one step away from everything!