Family fun in l’Areny del Molí

About 10 minutes by car, you will find a green area adapted to enjoy an excellent picnic day. This space, located on the shore of the Llobregat River, is a Special Bird Protection Zone and is equipped with tables and barbecues.

Imagine that you wake up on a Saturday in your new rental apartment, open the blinds and the sun warms your face. It is a great day to enjoy the outdoors! You decide to surprise your family and friends with a delicious barbecue. Your children scream with joy as they prepare balls, picnic blankets or call a friend to invite him. In a few minutes you reach l’Areny del Molí, an ideal picnic area for family outings.

Tables and barbecues are free and public use, provided that the fire prevention regulations of the Generalitat de Catalunya are complied with. There is plenty of room to run and also to play football or practice other sports.

The green zone is next to the Abrera road, is easily accessible for cars and is always open to the public. You can visit it at any time with total comfort!

Discover a perfect natural space for nature and wildlife lovers. In l’Areny del Molí there is a river section of great ornithological interest. If you like photography, painting or just want to walk around and be inspired by a unique environment, following the path that leaves the picnic and walking upstream you can see different water birds.

Enjoy the sun, the whisper of the air moving the branches of the trees, the smell of the grass and the happiness of your family very close to your new rental apartment.