Farmer’s market in Torreblanca Park

Healthy products, local fruits and vegetables, organic food, seasonal vegetables… Create a natural way of life! Buying without middlemen is an excellent option to enjoy fresh and high quality products. Where? Very close to your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern.

The field arrives at your home through Farmer’s market in Torreblanca Park. The market is held every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Plaza de la Torre, just a five-minute walk from BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern!

Mercat de pagès Sant Just Desvern Torreblanca

It is a meeting point between Agrarian Park of Baix Llobregat farmers. This initiative aims to maintain and promote local and seasonal agriculture while providing citizens of nearby towns with an excellent option to fill their basket of healthy food.

Did you know that it is also an excellent example of responsible and sustainable consumption? Buying directly from the local farmers you avoid wasting packaging and the fuel spent to transport the imported food. BeEco!

We recommend that you go to the market. It’s environment is unrivalled. Talk to the farmers, let yourself be advised about seasonal food and fill your kitchen with excellent fruits and vegetables. All of them grown next to home!

And if when you arrive at your rental apartment, you do not know what recipe to prepare, we recommend this recipe book with hundreds of gastronomic possibilities made with fruits and vegetables from Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park. Yummy, delicious!

Eco, healthy, natural and quality. What more could we ask for! Enjoy healthy dishes in your rental apartment.