Get back to the routine by activating in the Gym of your Becorp

We encourage you to get in shape for the return to the routine. In the Becorp rental apartments, you have a Gym for you to carry out your fitness, yoga, Pilates sessions… What is a Becorp gym like? What services can you enjoy? We solve all your doubts.

Indoor Gym 

A space with cardio and bodybuilding machines, TRX, dumbbells… so you can complete your workout and achieve all your sporting goals. Put on the headphones, choose your favorite playlist and start exercising. Static bike, elliptical, treadmill, suspension training, weight benches … everything you need for your training.

Outdoor Gym

The outdoor area of the Gym is perfect for practicing yoga, Pilates or other directed classes. In addition, it has fitness machines designed for the outdoors that enhance your strength and agility.

pisos de alquiler con gym outdoor

A professional team at your disposal

The gym space is complemented with the help of our professional team. We offer you the service of a personal trainer, nutritionist, physiotherapist, electromusculation suit… Find out through the Becorp APP.

pisos de alquiler con personal trainer

And after burning calories, the choice is yours: shower in the locker room or at home?

The gym space of the Becorp rental apartments has a changing room with a shower so you can change and wash before and after your session. Having a wardrobe allows you to save time. Do you want to do your workout when you get home from work? Are you going out after exercising and don’t want to waste time going up to the house to change? You will be ready in a few minutes!

pisos de alquiler con gimnasio y vestidor

Why rent a flat with a gym?

Especially at these times, having a gym in your own building has many advantages.

  • Enjoy doing sports in a safe space.
  • Avoid travel, your gym in the same building.
  • Take advantage of the time: a 15-minute session before going to work?
  • Save the club fee and the time and money you spend on commuting.
  • Benefit from the services of our team of professionals. Consult your doubts and train safely.
  • More privacy: it is an exclusive space for residents of the Becorp rental apartments.

Becorp rental apartments are designed so that you can enjoy more leisure, sports and relaxation without leaving the residential space. Going to the gym has never been so comfortable, easy and fast. You sign up?