Historic architecture around BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell

Walking around your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell can bring you many surprises! One of them is its architectural richness. We propose a route from Rambla Modolell to get to know the main historical buildings and their architectural features. Get some comfortable sneakers and… go!

Can Ristol

Start the route by visiting Can Ristol, only 350 meters from your apartment for rent in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell, or whatever it is, a 5 minute walk. It is a farmhouse of basilical plan and symmetrical composition. Not to be missed is its Baroque-inspired details and the worked stone balcony. This building was built from 1765, although some refurbishments have been made. A challenge: are you able to find the coat of arms of the town?

Casa Cardona

Walk one minute from Can Ristol to reach Casa Cardona. This single-family house has more than 100 years of history. It was built in 1915 and is characterized by its square tower, finished with a four-tiled roof. On each side you will discover three round knit windows. Can you imagine the stories that took place inside?

casa cardona sant just desvern

Can Madriguera

Very close to Casa Cardona, just 180 meters away, you will find Can Madriguera. This charming, eclectic-inspired architectural composition is composed of a ground floor, floor and attic. If you’re passionate about architecture, you’ll love the sloping French-influenced deck. The corners of the building are four towers formed by a pyramid trunk finished with a more flattened pyramid. It also has a capital, Ionic windows, Baroque-style oculuses and balustrades. All this, located inside an interesting garden, with a circular pond and four palm trees that surround the house. Looks like a movie!

Casa Sans

From there, walk 2 minutes and discover Casa Sans. A manor house built in 1910. The ground floor and floor are crowned with a classic balustrade that protects the roof. The tower is one of its most striking features along with the garden.

Casa Pruna

5 minutes from the last stop, visit Casa Pruna. A neo-gothic-inspired house, built in 1912 and renovated in 1935. Fall in love with its crowns with battlements and windows with floral accents. The shield that you will contemplate corresponds to the one of the Mancomunitat of Catalonia. Do not leave without paying attention to the railing, what decorations worked most!

casa pruna sant just desvern

Casa Amorós

Return to the Amorós House, only 6 minutes away. This historic home was built in 1924.You can see the ground floor and two floors designed in the nineteenth-century style.

Can Freixes

Let’s go! Enter the Can Freixes Park to reach the next construction of interest. This building was purchased in 1709 by the Carmelite Fathers of the Carmen Convent of Barcelona, who used it as a health home for sick religious people.

Can Mata

Leave the park at the other end and stand in front of Can Mata. This farmhouse is included in the Inventory of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. Although semi-detached houses have been built around it today, they have a detrimental effect on their image, and we think you should take a few minutes to admire their history.

Can Sagrera

5 minutes from Can Mata is the Masia Can Sagrera, dating to 1709, although it was refurbished in 1913, at which point the attractive sgraffito facades were created. This building is very interesting because it preserves elements of different origins, such as the sgraffito, the neoclassical stone balls, the baroque style scrolls that have disappeared today … Have you noticed the upper profile of the façade? Many associate it with the modernist trend of Baroque origin started by Puig i Cadafalch.


The story of Sant Just Desvern stays awe-inspiring around your new-build apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell, be a part of it and visit it. If you have been wanting more, we recommend the Can Tinturé Museum and the “La Rajoleta” Ceramics Museum, just 1 km from your rental apartment on the Modolell Rambla.