Horseback riding in Sant Just

Have you always dreamed of riding? Living in a rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern offers you different possibilities to fulfill your dream. We tell you what you should keep in mind to start riding.

Don’t think this is like in the movies. Riding requires technique and many hours of practice but, if you just want to take a walk on a whim, you can also do it safely if you have the help of professionals.

The first step is to select an equestrian center. Near your new rental home in Sant Just you have several options: Hípica Sol Solet, Poni Club and Hípica Can Mèlich.

Decide if you fancy a single experience or if you want to start riding regularly. The clubs offer classes of different levels for you to learn to ride at your own pace.

There they will advise you on everything you need and also if it is necessary that you acquire some material. Did you know that if you spend time to take care of, clean and take the horse to the branch you will get much more confidence with the animal? That will make you both feel more comfortable when you ride.

What about children? They can also ride, but it is advisable to start with ponies. You can ask for information about child training in the different equestrian.

The proximity of Sant Just with Collserola Park is ideal to enjoy horse riding. If you are an expert rider, you can do them on your own or, if you need a guide, in the equestrian centers they will provide everything you need to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

If you dare, you can sign up for classes to master the three airs (step, jog and gallop) or even dressage and jumping. Be part of the exciting world of the horse and enjoy it a few minutes from your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern.