La Nau Bostik, space for artistic creation

Immerse yourself in a world of alternative art in La Nau Bostik, a space for the creation and dissemination of culture just one minute from your rental home in BeCorp · Barcelona- Sagrera. It is located between the streets of Ferran Turné and the Pont del Treball Digne and you will easily recognize it by the striking artistic murals that decorate its facade.

This great meeting and artistic creation space houses all kinds of activities related to culture and leisure and contributes to the social and cultural revitalization of the neighborhood. Markets, exhibitions, concerts, events, filming, theater, fashion, shootings… La Nau Bostik has a wide and varied calendar of activities that you can check here.

nau bostik pisos alquiler becorp sagrera

One of the most attractive events is the BCN Vintage Market. A market for vintage lovers complemented with street food, concerts, children’s activities, art and music. All with free admission. If you are interested in selling some vintage items that you no longer use, you can also do it here. You do not need to be a professional seller. And don’t forget about Happy Markets, where young talents from all walks of life are discovered: artisans, illustrators, singers, dancers…

The training also has its place in La Nau Bostik. Regularly, different workshops related to art are held. For example, workshops for developing analog photography or graffiti. Interesting, right?

nau bostik pisos alquiler sagrera
Image provided by Spazius.

The set of ships with 6,000 sqm of space, is often used to make film productions or shootings. In addition, it has two viewpoints with Barcelona skyline. A unique and very special place that becomes the scene of great stories.

The project, which aims to be a commitment to cooperation and collective patronage, is headed by the architect and photographer Xavier Basiana, who was awarded the Medal d’Honor of Barcelona in 2009.

Discover new artistic expressions, walk between markets, live music live in one of their concerts, learn new techniques or just relax with an interesting conversation taking something in your outdoor space. Art is born very close to your rental apartment in BeCorp · Barcelona – Sagrera.