La Seu d’Ègara, a journey through the history of Terrassa

10 centuries of art history gathered in one place? It sounds like a legend, but it’s real and it’s very close to your apartment for rent in BeCorp · Terrassa. Exactly 10 minutes from your new home.

La Seu d’Ègara is a unique monumental complex in Europe. It combines the art and architecture of the early centuries of Christianity, the power of the Visigothic Kingdom and the Romanesque style. The temples of St. Peter, St. Michael, and St. Mary, were originally the paleo-Christian cathedral. In the following centuries, they modified their aesthetics, leaving their mark in the form of different artistic styles: from the Late Romanesque to the Gothic.

Many experts who have dared to investigate the complex historical and artistic composition of La Seu d’Égara believe that in its origins it was a baptistery with an underground space that could be a martyr’s crypt.

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The set consists of three structures: Sant Miquel, Santa Maria and Sant Pere. Sant Miquel was a funeral temple whose original structure, the crypt and the murals of the sixth-century apse are still unique in the world! The church of Santa Maria is Romanesque in style and preserves wall paintings from the same period. Outside you can still see some remains of the walls and columns. Lastly, the parish church of Sant Pere underwent many changes in different stages that can be seen on the pavement or the remains of the original walls.

This group of temples is so unique and spectacular that it has been declared a National Monument. Explore the history of Terrassa by strolling outside or paying a visit to the interior of these spaces. What exciting stories await you in its walls? Visit the headquarters of Egara and return to your rental apartment in BeCorp · Terrassa with a clear mind and new historical knowledge.