Learn at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Barcelona

Are you passionate about discovering curiosities about the world and the nature that surrounds us? We recommend a visit to the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona, very close to your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Barcelona – Rbla. Guipúscoa. It is only 2 km away, in Parc del Fòrum, and you can get there on foot, by bike, by public or private transport.

The visit to the museum allows you to know the natural wealth of our planet and understand the importance of betting on a more sustainable and efficient lifestyle. It is an open, dynamic, representative and useful space in the context of environmental issues.

Surround yourself with science in an equipment of 9,000 m2, with two floors and modern facilities and services for all audiences. It has a permanent exhibition, 1,000 m2 dedicated to temporary exhibitions, the Media Library, the “Niu de la Ciència” for children from 0 to 6 years old, the classrooms, the auditorium, the workshops and the store.

Bolets al Museu de les Ciències de Barcelona

The permanent exhibition “Planeta vida” proposes a joint vision of the Earth and of life, which integrates all the disciplines of the natural sciences. If you want to know other related activities, you can check them here.

Did you know that in the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona you can see one of the only two prognatodon replicas in the world? You will also find the replica of Lucy, the hominid who represented the first specimen found in bipedism. Click here to discover more curiosities of the museum that you cannot miss.

Prognatodon al Museu de les Ciències de Barcelona

Go ahead and visit the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona and enjoy learning new and interesting concepts of our planet. A world of science opens before you next to your eco-efficient home in BeCorp · Barcelona – Rbla. Guipúscoa.