Leisure along the river at Parc Fluvial del Besòs

Parc Fluvial del Besòs is a green space that extends along the last kilometers of the river Besòs to its mouth in the Mediterranean. It is one of the most important green spaces in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet has 70 hectares. You can reach this leisure area with a 15 minute walk from your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

This park is ideal for walking or cycling. The bike lane connects Sant Adrià del Besòs, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Montcada i Reixac and represents an excellent option to ride a bicycle in a fast, sustainable way and without worrying about the cars. Order it safely and quietly!

Crossing the park you will discover meadows, beaches, islands, meanders and other wetlands. The banks of the river are covered with large areas of grass and can be accessed by means of stairs and ramps. It is a perfect place to relax by caressing the grass with bare feet, purifying the mind with a yoga session, playing ball with the children or meeting with friends.

parc fluvial santa coloma de gramenet

The creation of the park and the restoration of the river Besòs have favored the presence of fish and birds. Zoologists from the Department of Animal Biology of the University of Barcelona have certified the presence of seven species of fish: eel, lime, sea bass, mosquito fish, carp and river bass. In addition, three species of amphibians, five reptiles, one hundred and sixty-six birds and seven mammals have also been recorded. A success considering that it was a very poor river in fauna!

Can you imagine enjoying a quiet walk along the river after your work day? Or maybe you prefer to burn calories by practicing running in a very pleasant environment… Decide how you want your days to be in your rental apartment in BeCorp · Santa Coloma de Gramenet and enjoy all the plans that invite you to know your surroundings.