Live for rent with a pool and enjoy the summer

Plans for this summer? Living in a rental apartment with a swimming pool opens up a world of possibilities to enjoy good time with family or friends. Come home and cool off with a dip, relax on the sun loungers chatting with the neighbors or rest while sunbathing.

The swimming pools in the BeCorp rental apartments are designed so that you have the space that best suits your mood today, with different areas for leisure and relaxation.

Now more than ever, having a pool at home is a privilege. Enjoy an afternoon of bath with tranquility, security and without crowds. Next to the bathing area, you have an area equipped with sun loungers and parasols where you can rest without losing sight of the pool. Controlling children has never been so easy and comfortable!

Still don’t know all the advantages of living in a rental apartment with a swimming pool?

  • Strengthens social relationships. The pool is an informal and relaxed area where you can meet your neighbors and enjoy a pleasant chat.
  • 100% guaranteed fun and relaxation. An ideal space where the whole family can have fun. Boring afternoon? We put on our swimsuit and go to the pool!
  • Privacy, without crowds and without displacement. How many times have you canceled your water plans because of the laziness of having to move? There is no excuse in your BeCorp rental apartment. Your pool, in your same building.
  • Save the entrance ticket or the membership of the club. The use of the pool is included in the rent of your rental apartment. Enjoy it with the whole family without extra expenses. In addition, in the same facilities of your apartment you have other services that complete the offer, for example, the Gym.
  • Family health and well-being. Playing and swimming you activate your body, you do sports and you feel better. Today, we spend a lot of time in front of screens. Sign up for another type of healthier entertainment, let’s go to the pool!

piscina y zona relax en pisos de alquiler becorp sant just

Do you want to live in a rental apartment with a pool? Contract online at BeCorp · Sant Just or check here what promotions of new construction rental apartments have a pool!