New service in Modolell: Sala Txoko

Your life is full of experiences in Becorp · Sant Just – Modolell rental apartments. You have 665 m2 of common spaces with CoWorking, CoLiving, smart locker, Bike Room, Parking, EV Charger, Wellness, Relax Area, Gym, 24-hour Micro Market, Concierge… and now also Sala Txoko!

Sala Txoko is a gastronomic space where you can carry out your celebrations with tranquility and security. Invite other residents, friends or family and enjoy all the comforts. We provide you with all the utensils in a fully equipped room specially designed to celebrate lunches, informal snacks, birthdays, family reunions, business lunches…

sala txoko en sant just modolell

You can bring the food yourself or hire a catering. Sala Txoko expands the possibilities of your rental apartment, offering you the ideal place to invite your loved ones without having to worry about the space, the chairs for all the assistants or the disorder that would remain in your house after the visit.

In Sala Txoko everything is facilities. Enjoy your celebration, surprise your guests with a space of unique and careful design, help yourself to all the utensils you need and do not worry about cleaning, we will take care of it!

Do you want to invite your friends but the space of your apartment is limited? Do you have a pending celebration but don’t want to go to restaurants because of the possible risk? Would you like to change of scene and enjoy a different lunch? After a meeting in the Meeting Room, would you like to surprise your clients with a relaxed business lunch in a private space? Sala Txoko is all you need. Prepare the table, wait for the guests and have fun in a 100% safe and sanitized space.

sala txoko en sant just modolell

If you want to live in a rental apartment that offers you the advantage of having a large room for special events in the same residential area, check the available apartments at Becorp · Sant Just – Modolell. Join the Becorp community and discover a new way of renting. Your new-build rental apartment with services that make your life easier and provide you with countless plans: leisure, sports, family, relaxation…