Pont del Petroli, emblem of the city

You cannot miss the emblematic Pont del Petroli. A walkway that goes into the sea and offers a spectacular perspective of the city. Ideal to finish your running route.

Pont del Petroli was built in the 60s. Its function was to serve as a walkway to move the barrels of oil from the ships to the deposits. When it stopped being used for this function, it was rehabilitated to become an incomparable viewpoint of the city of Badalona.

Currently, it is a gateway of 250 meters and 6 meters high that goes into the sea to offer us unique views. In addition, it has become popular as the main diving area of Badalona. Fans of this sport can practice it here without the need for boats.

In Pont del Petroli, we find the mythical sculpture dedicated to the historic “Anís del Mono” factory, created by the local artist Susana Ruiz. It is a huge bronze monkey of 200 kg, very popular for appearing in the selfies of many who visit the bridge.

Walk, relax, find inspiration and, if you feel like it, discover more curiosities of the Pont del Petroli here.