Recharge energy in the Parc Pou d’en Fèlix

You arrive at your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell after an intense day of work and you want to disconnect, we have everything in mind! Just 10 minutes walk you will find the Parc Pou d’en Fèlix.

Take a walk on an area of 22,968 m2 of green spaces that you can access by the c/Nou, Àngel Guimerà, Isidre Martí, Dr. Turró and Ignasi Iglesias.

Formerly, vineyards stretched out on the grounds now occupying the park. To pay homage, the current park design included a parterre with different strains of black and white grapes.

Walking through the Parc Pou d’en Fèlix, less than 1 km from your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell, you will discover different areas. Near the c/Nou you will find the large amphitheater square.

If you want to relax, there is a space with seating areas surrounded by lawn meadows. This is where you will meet “The Samurai”, a statue of Xavier Corberó.

parque pou d'en fèlix en sant just desvern

Children will also be happy to spend the afternoon at Parc Pou d’en Fèlix. For them, there is a children’s play area with swings, mesh structures, table tennis and basketball courts. Very near here is a tobacconist with cyber source. There are also drinking water fountains, games for the elderly and bicycle circuits.

Do you like to surround yourself with vegetation? In this park near your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just – Modolell, you will find many different species of trees: pines, cypresses, olive trees, mimosa, cicadas, eucalyptus, parkinsonian, Constantinople acacia, prunus, elm… What do you think if you go out with children to learn how to differentiate tree types by their leaves? You can even make a small herbalist.

Add a green touch to your days by visiting the Parc Pou d’en Fèlix, open all year round, 24 hours a day.