Rental apartments with bike parking: the Becorp Bike Room

Becorp rental flats incorporate services and spaces that promote sustainability. This is the case of the Bike Room, a parking lot for bicycles that also incorporates electric chargers for eBikes and electric scooters. You want to know more? We give you all the details.

The Bike Room has spacious, orderly and safe facilities. Are equipped with an advanced 24-hour video surveillance and access control system. Park your bike or scooter and relax in your new home knowing that when you need it, it will be in perfect condition.

pisos de alquiler con parking para bicis

We love your ECO lifestyle and we encourage you to enjoy your bike at any time, whether for leisure or as sustainable transport. For this, the Bike Room has a module with a tool kit so that you can carry out daily maintenance on your bike.

Have you gone out on the road and got muddy? Have you gone for a walk on dusty roads? No problem! In the Bike Room of your rental apartment you have a cleaning area so that it is very comfortable for you to have your bike always shiny.

pisos de alquiler con parking para bicis

Lots with electric charging points

If you have an electric bike or an electric scooter, recharge them in your building very easily. Get home, park in the Bike Room of the Becorp rental apartments and connect your eBike or scooter to have it ready for the next trip.

pisos de alquiler con parking para bicis

Your days come alive in your new Becorp rental apartment. We incorporate a safe, practical and equipped Bike Room because we want you to enjoy a bike excursion with the family, go to work on an electric scooter and when you arrive you can park and recharge it easily, go out to train with your new bike and feel the peace of mind that it is waiting for you in a safe place.

At Becorp everything is designed to make your life easier. You join?