Rental apartments with Micro Market 24 h: healthy products at any time of the day

Don’t you have time to prepare a healthy meal? Is the milk out? Are you sunbathing and fancy a snack? The BeCorp rental apartments have a 24-hour Micro Market, located in the CoLiving, so you can enjoy fresh and healthy products at any time of the day.

The Micro Market 24h is designed to pamper you and say yes to all your whims… with healthy proposals!

A small market open 24/7

Discover a wide range of fresh products, replenished on a daily basis, in the fridges and shelves of the self-service mini-market. Using it is very simple. You just have to choose your products and go to the interactive kiosk. Through its touch screen and its intuitive system it will be very easy and fast to make the payment.

You will find from delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients, to bakery, cereals, juices, salty and sweet snacks, teas, coffee or other essential products.

Micro Market 24 h en pisos de alquiler BeCorp

5 keys of the Micro Market 24h

The market is managed by Ugga, which proposes a concept of self-service stores open 24/7/365 based on the values of variety, health, accessibility and sustainability.

1 Variety of product

The Micro Market 24h of the BeCorp rental apartments has a wide variety of fresh and packaged products that are renewed daily.

2 Healthier product

With the intention of promoting healthy habits, the Micro Market 24h foods are selected and prepared to offer you a healthy and nutritious meal.

3 Most accessible product

At all times, you can see the product up close, study its nutritional properties and choose the one you like best.

4 Sustainability

The use of reusable or easy to recycle containers is promoted.

5 All information available to the user

Check the allergens of each product, the nutritional information, the ingredients, etc.

Ugga Jar Meals, ideal for lunch or dinner

Are you relaxing on the terrace of your rental apartment and do not feel like cooking? Do you eat at work and forgot to prepare your tupper? Jar Meals are the solution. The BeCorp Micro Market 24h offers you individual servings that provide you with all the nutrients you need in a meal.

They are packaged so you can carry them comfortably and you have different and delicious dishes: salads, pasta, legumes… even combinations of fruits or yogurts!

jar meals comida preparada pisos de alquiler BeCorp

Shall we have a coffee?

In addition to other drinks, at the Micro Market 24h you can also enjoy a good coffee prepared instantly. Choose the variety you prefer on the coffee machine’s touch screen and share good moments in community.

Micro Market 24 h, pisos de alquiler BeCorp con cafetera

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