Rental apartments with parking and electric chargers

Do you have a car or motorcycle? They also have their space on BeCorp rental apartments. Also, if your vehicle is hybrid or electric, you can take advantage of the electric recharging points in the same car park. We present you the spaces and services designed to take care of your vehicles and bring you peace of mind.

Rental apartments with parking: comfort and security for your vehicle

Finding parking is one of the most tedious tasks of our day to day. At BeCorp rental apartments, we want to make your life more comfortable. For this reason, our eco-efficient rental homes have new-build car parks in the same building.

Forget about stress to find parking near home and don’t waste a second of your valuable time. Having a parking space in your same building has many advantages. We tell you some:

  • You won’t have to be wandering around the house to find a hole, saving you time and fuel.
  • You will protect your car from inclement weather: sun, cold, rain or stone.
  • You will breathe calmly. The BeCorp car parks are equipped with a video surveillance system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You will avoid unforeseen events such as theft, scratches, punctures on the wheels… Your vehicle will always be in perfect condition and you will enjoy a pleasant tranquility.
  • Upon entering your vehicle, you will not roast in heat or freeze in cold. Leave it parked in the parking lot and when you need it, it will always be at a comfortable temperature.
  • You will forget the feeling of stress when looking for parking, so you will enjoy better humor and positivity.
  • In addition, the BeCorp car parks have chargers for electric vehicles.

pisos de alquiler con parking y puntos de recarga eléctrica

Parking lots with electric recharging points

Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future. We are concerned about the environment and we want to live in a more eco-friendly way. For this reason, the parkings of the BeCorp rental apartments are equipped with chargers for electric vehicles.

Getting home is more comfortable than ever. Park your car or motorcycle and connect it to recharge it and have it ready for your next adventure. Because after a hard day, you deserve everything to be easy.

pisos de alquiler con parking y cargadores eléctricos

BeCorp rental apartments are designed to make your life and that of your whole family easier. Not only do we consider your comfort within the home, we also incorporate services and spaces that protect your vehicles. Every detail of your life is important.