Sail in the nautical clubs of Badalona

Badalona is a city open to the sea, a dream for all lovers of maritime sports. Would you like to go sailing near your rental apartment in Becorp · Badalona? You have different options such as Club Náutico Bétulo, Club de Natació de Badalona or Club de Vela Badalona.

Sailing, rowing, kayaking, jet skiing, paddle surfing, windsurfing … or even other sports activities such as running, fitness, scuba diving or swimming await you in the Badalonese clubs dedicated to the sea.

Proposals are offered for all ages and levels, both for athletes who want to train for competition and for people who have a more playful and leisure objective.

clubs náuticos en badalona, a 10 minutos de pisos de alquiler becorp

Some of these clubs also offer the possibility of renting nautical equipment so that you can practice your favorite sport on your own. Can you imagine enjoying a reddish sunset paddling in your kayak on the beaches of Badalona? And letting yourself be caressed by the rays of the sun while you share a day of paddle surfing with your partner?

If you are looking to organize a different event, you also have options! The CN Bétulo offers you activities for celebrations, farewells or even companies.

After a day of sports at sea, do you want to eat something? L’Autèntik Club and the Sotavent Restaurant are two of the gastronomic proposals that await you in the nautical clubs of Badalona.

clubs náuticos en badalona, a 10 minutos de pisos de alquiler becorp

L’Autèntik Club belongs to the CN Bétulo and has a magnificent terrace facing the sea where you can taste fresh meat and fish cooked over a wood fire, salads, rice, pasta and a wide variety of tapas.

If you decide on the Club Natació Badalona, you can enjoy the Sotavent Restaurant. Its menu features fresh products, mussels, clams, razor clams, squid, octopus, prawns, prawns, rice, meat, fish and shellfish.

From your new construction rental apartment in Becorp · Badalona, you are only 10 minutes walk from the beach. Visit the nautical clubs of the city and discover a new passion.