BeEco at the Santa Coloma Ecometropoli

How to be more respectful with our environment? What can we do to promote sustainability? Welcome to Ecometropoli, the Santa Coloma environmental education center. It is just over 1 km from your rental apartment in BeCorp · Santa Coloma de Gramenet, so BeEco and visit it on foot!

This space aims to promote the values of nature care and urban sustainability. It is located in the Montserrat Pavilion of the Torribera Campus and has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the different ecosystems of the Serralada de la Marina and an aquarium with fish from the Besòs River.

The Ecometropoli is an excellent proposal for children to discover the natural environment in a fun and educational way. They will be able to know the fields and agricultural areas, the rocks, the weeds, the forest and the grasslands. They will also be taught to be more sustainable and to protect the planet’s biodiversity.

ecometropoli en santa coloma, planes cerca del piso de alquiler

How is the forest at night? In the hall of the tracks they will discover which species come out at night and how they behave. And if you want to see a projection, the film TERRA produced by the BBC, a documentary showing the richness of the biodiversity of our planet, is shown in the audiovisual space.

Sustainable mobility also has its place in the Ecometropoli. Through play, road education is taught to boys and girls. The park has karts and bikes with a signposted circuit. In addition, educational workshops are held for different ages in which it is taught to circulate.

During the weekend, the Ecometropoli opens its doors to offer guided visits to families, workshops and other activities related to biodiversity and a sustainable lifestyle. And there are even more plans! From the Ecometropoli different itineraries leave on foot and by bicycle that go through the Parc de la Serralada de Marina. At the center they will help you choose the best one for you.

Learn healthy habits with your family very close to your new rental apartment of new construction. Do you sign up?