Take a walk through the greenery in the Botanical Garden

Living for rent in Barcelona offers you a huge garden of plans of all kinds but, if we talk about a garden in its most literal meaning, the Botanical Garden of Barcelona is a must-see. Find out in Montjuïc, 2 km from your rental apartment in BeCorp · Barcelona – Sants.

The Barcelona Botanical Garden is a space created to study, maintain and preserve the plant species of the Mediterranean climate. All the plants found in it have adapted to the temperate climate of the city, although there are some species that are typical of other latitudes.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, botanical gardens were collections of exotic plants, but today, a more sustainable model and a more scientific goal have been advanced. For this reason, some of the species that we can see in the Botanical Garden are also found in other parks in Barcelona.

Jardín Botánico de Barcelona, cerca de pisos de alquiler BeCorp en Sants

Species from other continents also have their place in the garden, such as boldo or false pepper from South America or arganias, oleanders or gum arabic from Africa. The tour of the garden leads us through eight vegetable scenographies with which we will visit Australia, California, Chile, South Africa, North Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. A very interesting experience!

The different sets, known as phytoepisodes, have been designed by the architects Carles Ferreter, Josep Lluís Canosa, Beth Figueres, Artur Bossy and Joan Pedrola. They have organized the itinerary using the slopes of the mountain and the combination of triangular plots to take advantage of the sun and light orientations for the benefit of the plant species.

Are you ready to start your excursion towards a vegetable universe? Travel the world through its vegetation in the Botanical Garden of Barcelona. A world of gardens, parks and facilities opens up before you a few minutes from your rental home in BeCorp · Barcelona – Sants.