The advantages of having CoWorking in your rental apartment building

At Becorp we want you to enjoy your rental apartment with the maximum advantages and facilities. For this reason, we incorporate a CoWorking space into our residences, in addition to many other services such as a gym, CoLiving, gardens, relaxation areas, 24-hour Micro Market, Parking, bicycle parking, etc.

Having a CoWorking without leaving the building offers you numerous advantages:

Improve your concentration in a workspace

Working at home is not always easy. Housework, family, the sofa or television become constant distractions that complicate our task. At Becorp you will take advantage of every second of your work time. In the CoWorking room you can concentrate in a work environment and have all the comforts of an office.

pisos alquiler con coworking

Ideal for remote work

If you telecommute or only go to the office for a few days, CoWorking will be your best ally during the working day. Forget having to equip your home to prepare an office and make better use of the space in your rental apartment.

Save time 

How long does it take to get to your office? In Becorp, less than five minutes. Save time and fuel and enjoy CoWorking in your own residence.

Boost your own business

If you are a restless mind with a thousand projects in your head, it is time to get down to it. Having an equipped workspace will encourage you to carry out your ideas without having to invest in an office.

Meet in the Meeting Room

The CoWorking space has meeting rooms so you can attend to your clients, partners or suppliers. Show a professional image!

sala de reuniones modolell

Becorp rental apartments are designed so that you enjoy your time more. Having a CoWorking translates into more time for you and more motivation for your projects. Discover all the residences by clicking here.