The advantages of living in an apartment with common areas and outdoor spaces

Apartment buildings with common areas are a trend. What are the reasons why this type of residential has grown in popularity? We tell you the advantages of living in a rental apartment with common areas and outdoor spaces.

pisos de alquiler con zonas comunes en barcelona

Enjoy a more active lifestyle

If you are a positive, healthy person, a sports lover, an entrepreneur, wanting to have fun and offer your family different plans every day, rental apartments with common areas are created for you. Add more sport, leisure, relaxation and comfort to your life.

More comforts and whims at your fingertips

Have you always dreamed of having a swimming pool, a gym, a large office, gardens…? Now it is possible. Rental flats with common areas allow you to enjoy a wide variety of services without having to face the cost of acquiring each one of them.

The benefits of natural light and the great outdoors

Natural light and the great outdoors have many benefits on our health and mood. They help us feel more positive, relaxed and in a good mood. Having common outdoor areas such as swimming pools, relaxation areas or barbecues will help you feel better and fill you with vitality.

pisos con zonas comunes barcelona

Social life for the whole family

To share is to live. Connect with neighbors, share experiences and anecdotes, have a coffee in good company and feel happy while your children play with other children in the community.

Time is gold, take advantage of it!

All day from here to there, wasting time traveling and stressing out. The time has come to enjoy your time. Get home and, without leaving the building, choose your favorite plan: pool afternoon, gym session, work at CoWorking, a talk at CoLiving, a massage at the Wellness … You have everything in the same place: your home .

Better life quality

All the above advantages translate into one concept: better quality of life. Surround yourself with services that motivate you and have fun, dedicate your time to what really matters to you, reduce your stress level and feel comfortable at home.

pisos con zonas comunes barcelona

Where can I live like this?

At Becorp you have rental flats with common areas in Barcelona, Sant Just, Badalona, Terrassa and Abrera.

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