The charming Plaza Masadas in La Sagrera

Plaza Masadas is one of those secret corners of Barcelona that few know. If you live in a flat for rent in BeCorp · Barcelona – Sagrera, you will surely discover it. It is only a 5 minute walk from your new home!

Neighborhood life is felt every day in this porticoed square. Making vermouth, sunbathing in summer, chatting with friendly locals reliving old stories turned into anecdotes – these are just some of the daily pleasures you can enjoy here. Plaza Masadas, according to the historian Joan Pallarès-Personat, was built at the end of the 19th century, in full growth of the city.

In the beginning, all the buildings in the square were very similar: white and of the same height, with supports of the same size. In the center of Plaza Masadas was a market that was demolished in 1955 to build the new Mercat de la Sagrera. The latter operated until the 90’s. After demolishing this market, the seemingly narrow Plaza Masadas became a charming place.

bar en plaza masadas de la sagrera en barcelona

Take a trip to Plaza Masadas, which is located in its charming bars and enjoy a pleasant chat on its terraces. And… a surprise is still waiting for you! Did you know that you can sample crocodile or kangaroo burgers in this square? L’Empanat offers you the most curious and original burgers. It is a very popular place, so keep in mind that finding a table is not easy.

The neighborhood of La Sagrera is much more than you can imagine. Discover places where time stops and immerse yourself in the simplicity and friendliness of your neighbors. Fill your days with good times at BeCorp · Barcelona – Sagrera.