Trekking excursion to La Penya del Moro

Living in a rental apartment surrounded by endless plans is a luxury that you can enjoy at BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern. Today we propose a pleasant walk to Penya del Moro, a hill located in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park.

It is an easy route that you can do with the little ones and that will give you spectacular views of the Llobregat Delta and the Garraf mountains. In La Penya del Moro is the Iberian settlement and the remains of a medieval tower.

The road from your rental home in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern to La Penya del Moro, has a distance of 3.6 km and 210 m of positive slope. In about an hour you will reach the top. You can choose your route here and do it on foot or by bike.

During the walk, you will be accompanied by a typically Mediterranean vegetation: oaks, lentisks, durillo, tangle, olive trees, fig trees and some crop fields. In addition to enjoying nature, this excursion will also take you to know the history of your surroundings.

Penya del Moro poblado íbero BeCorp Sant Just
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The Iberian settlement, which was populated during the end of the bronze age (800 – 700 BC), is one of the oldest human settlements found in Collserola. Archaeological excavations began in 1972 and were carried out until 2002. Remains of amphorae, pieces of a necklace of Punic origin, vestiges of a founding rite and a lead plate of the 4th century BC with inscriptions of Iberian writing were found. This piece is preserved in the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya in Barcelona.

On the medieval tower, there is no corroborated data but the theory says that it is a fortification of the 10th century, from the time when the Llobregat River marked the border between the Hispanic brand and the Muslim kingdom. Although we speak of it as a “tower,” the archaeological excavations carried out in 2002 discovered a wider structure with three additional spaces and a wall. This caused the building to be re-qualified as a “castle.”

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You can do the excursion throughout the year but we recommend you avoid the hottest hours of the summer. Remember to bring water, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses. You can even upload lunch or snack to enjoy a full day outdoors!

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