UpLiving: Bike Room · Gym · Swimming Pool · CoWorking

Get ready for a new way to live the rental: join UpLiving! Enjoy in your home services and unique spaces that facilitate your life and connect you with the future.

BeCorp rental apartments are designed to fit your lifestyle. Perfect for you, that you are aware of the importance of being ECO, that you take care of yourself and practice sports, that you love to have fun with yours and that you know that every moment of your life is unrepeatable.

We discover 4 of the UpLiving spaces that will be part of your home.

Bike Room: discover new paths

You are ECO, you love to move freely around the city, enjoy a relaxing bike ride or an exciting weekend outing. The Bike Room is the perfect place to store your adventure companion!

Park your bike comfortably in your home and breathe the tranquility of knowing that it is safe and in perfect condition.

Bike Room pisos de alquiler BeCorp

Gym: start your fit challenge

Join the healthy lifestyle and don’t leave for tomorrow what you can train today! In your home, BeCorp has a gym where you can achieve all your sporting challenges.

You no longer have to worry about not having enough space to mount the gym you have always dreamed of. You have it at home! Prepare your fitness session, complete a hard workout, practice your yoga “asanas” or take advantage of bad weather days to train in comfort. Do not set limits!

gym pisos de alquiler BeCorp

Swimming pool: the most refreshing fun

Can you imagine what your life would be like if every day seemed like a weekend? Make it happen in your new BeCorp rental apartment. When you get home, take a sun bath, dive into the pool and disconnect from the routine or activate your smile again with a refreshing bath with your children.

The pools of the BeCorp rental apartments are designed to offer you the best moments with your family. A space of relaxation and fun that will make you forget the word “boredom.”

piscina pisos de alquiler BeCorp

CoWorking: your office, without leaving home

Are you working on a project? Are you a freelance? Would you like to have a place where you can concentrate to finish your master? Busy minds need their space!

The CoWorking of BeCorp rental apartments makes working from home a real pleasure. Without leaving your building, you have a room where you can work comfortably, get inspired, play online or study.

coworking pisos de alquiler BeCorp

These are just some of the UpLiving spaces that you will find in your BeCorp new construction apartment. Discover them all here.